Our Monitor Information

We are in this business to provide a service and the highest level of uptime possible. We take downtime very seriously and will to prevent it. In an event there is downtime we offer our clients a basic level of server monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. Even when you are sleeping rest assured your server is being monitored to maintain optimum uptime.


Pinging a server is a first level of troubleshooting method which will tell us if a server will respond when queried by sending a packet. If the server is down or not responding it will result with 100% packet loss as a reply. The latter doesn't mean the websites are up necessarily. A server may be responding but overloaded where websites or other services are not loading.

Note: It is possible to disable ping test responses via firewalls, routers, and/or server settings. Accordingly, not all servers will response to Ping requests even if operational. It is important you let us know if you disable ping on your server to prevent uneeded monitoring at that level. Failure to do so will result in uneeded troubleshooting or reboots on our end.


SSH is another first level test to check if a server is responding. SSH lets us connect to the server remotely within the network to gain access to the server via command line versus console. If the server is not responding to SSH most of the times it will mean it is offline or overloaded.

Note: If you have SSH disabled or listening on another port please let us know so we can adjust our monitoring. Failure to do so will result in uneeded troubleshooting or reboots on our end.